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Rovereto (Trento)

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Welcome to paradise land Trentino Alto-Adige, in northern Italy.


This site is dedicated to all my past and future guests in Trentino.


Before starting the virtual tour around this majestic area, please enjoy this video postcard:



ABOUT TRENTINO ALTO-ADIGE: The autonomous region of Trentino-Alto Adige can truly satisfy all the imaginable needs of tourists:. In winter, the skiing is absolutely unparalleled. Spring and fall offer enchanting hikes along an extensive network of well-marked trails,  Laid out along the country’s northeastern border with Austria, it is a breathtaking land with:

·        permanent snow and popular ski resorts;


·        imposing mountain chains and  unpolluted forests;



·        297 fashinating lakes,



·        alpine meadows;



·        glittering waterfalls,


·        amazing medieval/renaissance art townsnotte;


·        an impressively large number of castles and towers dominating the valleys (Trentino-Alto Adige is seemingly the region with the highest number of castles in the world);


 ·        evocative medieval-looking villages.


This is all evidence of the colourful history of this borderland, which has always marked the point of transition to and from the Latin and Germanic worlds. Due to this the place is very rich in culture and hosts a large number very interesting museums of all kind and a series of cultural events all year round.


Climates and landscapes change marvellously within 20 min. drive: from mediterranean mildness on the Lake of Garda (cultivation of olives and lemons; spas, etc) to freshness of the first mountain peaks around Rovereto, (Brentonico, Folgaria, etc.), to become fresher and fresher going up to higher mountains.

Rovereto is surrounded by mountains but it’s only 300 mt. above sea level, as a consequence the climate is not very cold (minimum year average –2 degrees C. and maximum + 30). Humidity is very low, so normally neither cold nor hot weather are really annoying.

In the menu on the right I have signalled some tours from Rovereto marked with a number (from the closest places to the furthest ones. Please note, however, that they are purely indicative; you are welcome to add some extra research to that and plan different trips; what matters is that you enjoy the place as much as you can).


You will particularly enjoy your  holiday in Trentino if you like:


VISITING TOWNS (see the tours on dedicated page on the right menu)

Trento: art town (15min.)

Venice: (2 hr.)
Verona (Shakepeare’s Romeo and Julliet’s balcony, Arena amphitheatre, etc.): 40 min.
Bolzano, Merano and Bressanone (1 hr. 30 min.) (Austian-style towns, bilingual Italian-German).
Mantova: art city (60 min)
Padua and Vicenza: art cities (1,30 min.)
Innsbruck (Austria: 1 hr. 45 min.).



NATURE (see dedicated page on the right menu)


visit the the Dolomites (1,45 min from Rovereto)


The Brenta Dolomites (1,30 min. from Rovereto) sky resort of Madonna di Campiglio, Adamello-Brenta Nature Park, Val Rendeva, the Adamello glaciers. Val Genova with the spectacular Nardìs waterfall, Madonna di Campiglio, etc.



297 alpine lakes, among which the Lake of Garda.

Lake of Garda (15 min. from Rovereto),
one of the most well-known lakes in Europe and the largest in Italy), of extraordinary beauty, with its crystalline waters and its bright beaches in an amazing landscape surrounded by high mountains and depicted by famous poets for its breath-taking view. Wonderful mild climate.  (cableway tour)

Altopiano di Folgaria, Lavarone and Lucerna (30 min. from Rovereto): extensive plateaus of meadows alternate with deep valley gorges from which rise the rocky peaks all the way up to 2,000 m.

SPORTS (see dedicated page on the right menu)

Natural variety and climate conditions have always attracted Europe’s most dynamic people to the area. You can practice virtually any sport here and join many (tourist) clubs to learn how to practice them.


CULTURE (see dedicated page on the right menu)


visit this:

more specifically:

HISTORY (see dedicated page on the right menu)

Due to its bordering position between northern and Mediterranean Europe, Trentino has represented an essential passage for a cultural exchanges between different populations, clearly evident in local traditions and history from pre-history to Roman times, from the Renaissance era to the First World War and the Statute of Autonomy. You can visit a very large number of museums of all sorts, most of them with guided tours in different languages.

Trentino has more than 100 castles and military builidings of various eras, from 10 to 60 min. drive from Rovereto:  


MUSIC AND SINGING (see dedicated page on the right menu) 

different festivals of music, theatre and dance, all year round and in various localities
(squares, castles, lake shores, mountain woods, etc.), plus dedicated museums.



SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY (see dedicated page on the right menu) 

You can find it interesting visiting the Dinosaur’s path in  Rovereto; The Segonzano Pyramids (60 min. from Rovereto) ground pillars of moronic deposit, 20 mt. in height.; the Fossil Museums; Museums of Natural Science, an astronomers observatory in Rovereto; Botanical Gardens, the Aeronautics Museum, South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano, exhibiting Ötzi (the Ice Man’s, one of the few well preserved prehistoric mummies in the world, found in 1991), waterfalls, speleological grottos, etc.

TRADITIONS: many festivals all year round:


mele1trentino_eno_strudel-piccolo1prodotti_tipici21prodotti3speck polenta_gialla

follow the “Wine road”, visit many wine producers and taste some good local vines and foods.




suitable for kids and adults, thanks to the variety of shows and activities, all less than 1 hr drive from Rovereto.One of them, Gardaland, on the lake’s shores, the third largest theme park in Europe.


Numerous shops, shopping centres and outlets around (shoes, clothes, souvenirs).


Enjoy visiting the dedicated pages on the right.


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